A Bright Soothing Noise (University of North Texas Press, 2010), by Peter Brown. Winner of the Katherine Anne Porter Prize in Short Fiction.

In Progress

Bilder (novel in manuscript)

Two boys grow up as brothers in a foster family until Jimmy Dubois, the troubled older boy, is removed from the home. Jimmy returns six years later, at age eighteen, and camps out in the woods nearby, determined to reconnect with his little brother, Jack Bilder.

The Children of Design (novel in manuscript)

During a visit to an obscure Caribbean island, Professor Ed Gomes meets the blind, brilliant and beautiful Amy Farr. He soon realizes that the shadowy consortium she leads has successfully altered the human genome. They intend to force the international community to define, in precise biological and legal terms, what a human being is. Once this is done, they plan to begin marketing their new species of hominid. Gomes’s connection to Amy gets dicier after he encounters a band of the “children” who have escaped the development compound and are thriving in the island’s subtropical forest.

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